Have you ever known anyone to be fearful of their own sibling?  

What about a mother being afraid of her daughter? A mother being manipulated, stole from, lied too,  but still loved unconditionally?

When I heard this story I was sickened, not just because it happened but that no one did anything about it.  One summer (lets called her Jane) Jane drank too much or was high (one more time) and started pushing her mother who is an elderly woman around. Janes brother Joe saw what was happening and jumped in to protect his mother. Joe is younger than Jane and honestly fearful of her because he’s seen the outbursts of rage by his sister. He jumped in anyhow. Jane overpowered Joe and had him in a headlock beating the shit out of him until they were separated. 

What should have been the next step? What would you do in a situation like this?

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