April 29, 2010

“The Elite Speaker’s Bureau, Inc.”

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  Release #042810
Media Contact: Stacy Anderson
(949) 544-1410


(Dana Point, CA) Denise Brown, advocate for domestic violence, says more needs to be done when it comes to domestic violence. Brown says “For the past year I’ve wanted to do more, more people need to talk about the issues and need to be heard. We need to create safe neighborhoods and communities for our children, for everyone.”  Focusing on domestic violence, child abuse, teen violence, elder abuse, sexual abuse, workplace violence, stalking/net crimes, victims of crime, mental wellness and much more.

The Elite Speaker’s Bureau includes renowned authors, advocates, therapists, celebrities and more. The Elite Speaker’s Bureau, Inc. is where clients can trust the knowledge and professionalism of its team of Callers and its experienced speakers.

The Elite Speaker’s Bureau, Inc. will appeal to everyone from Fortune 500 Companies to shelters doing fundraisers for their organizations. They are here to help you have the most successful event, fundraiser or conference to raise awareness, educate and prevent personal or professional violence.



  1. Mindy Maville said,

    i’ve tried leaving this abusive relationship with my children and i’ve had a difficult time with the judicial system. I need help legally and i can’t get it. i’ve been beaten behind closed doors, fought back, humiliated with accusations, legally abused, financially devastated, and am losing my children. It’s been 3 years, i’m a good mom and i’m being destroyed. Please help me. He’s got all the money and has avoided accountablity with it. Desparate Mindy B. Maville

  2. Joyce Huff said,

    Dear Denise,
    I really enjoyed hearing your presentation and meeting you in Wichita, Kansas. I gave you a catalog and website for The Dibble Institute and I hope that you have had time to look over our information. We offer valuable information to youth about healthy dating and how to avoid
    abusive relationships. Our website http://www.DibbleInstitute.org has some
    really important information on it.

    It is so exciting to know that states like NE and AZ are requiring schools
    to teach information on this valuable topic. I do hope that you will share the information about our materials to groups that you talk to.

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  3. rob said,

    Dear Denise .
    Any one knows the great deal of pain , and the lies in court you had to with stand .. I am sorry about your loss . You sister was a great person
    But do not put Mindy maville from new london nh in that catagory ..
    She slept around on her husband for years . She introduced her children to_ john -her lover while her husband still lived with her months before her husband moved out ..

    She expects all of new hampshire to pay for her and her kids .. John- her lover – moved in 3 weeks after her husband moved out .
    This state wants this welfare trash to move
    she owns a 200$ phone but refuses to make a sandwich for her childs lunch . the town must pay again . She only has one child her 14 year old son was beaten by her . many police reports he ran away numerous times .. he lives with his dad …
    sorry -get both sides there is more to this story ….I thought i saw you in court .. the abused person in this case was her husband .. mindy used to spit on him … yes spit on him .. hit him punch him ..

    I’m asking you to realise you do not know all the facts .

  4. jay went said,

    we hope you ask in your new show many sides to the story of abuse .. first.. why are woman having children out of wedlock .. many woman are not married , are not working but having children
    just like your first writer mindy .. does not work .. but had two children ..yes not married .. not working ..
    then she gets married .. and now divorced wants a life with cable tv .. many cars
    oh yes and with her lover
    woman must learn that their children are not a gift from god .. they are children with wants .. yes they want food , clothes ,yet the supposed mother expects society to pick up the tab ..
    .. mindy is looking for free food , free clothes .. she will not spend her money … on the children ,
    why does society have to pay for .. this … tell her to use her government check on her children ..
    please know when a woman sleeps around on her husband .. does not work , does not clean .. or cook
    then society ….does not care about them…..
    tell woman to stop having children ..when you are not married to the man ..

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