August 14, 2007

Fred Flip Flops

Posted in Current Events at 2:41 am by denisebrown

Watching this video clip we clearly hear Fred and Kim Goldman speak against publishing “IF I DID IT”. Today we learned that the Goldmans are going to publish the killers confession for profit. We understand the Goldman family wanting some sort of closure and compensation for the loss of their son Ron, but is this the wrong way to go about it?



  1. Tamara said,

    I agree. The book should not be published, even if the Goldmans are justifying it as a way to “get back” at OJ financially. The attention will bring publicity back in OJ’s direction. NOT GOOD. Denise – to whom do we send our opinion? Tell the names and contact information of the key contacts at the publisher if you have it.

  2. Message Mon said,

    After watching Fred and Kim’s statement on Larry King, it’s obvious his sudden change of heart is based on controlling the profits from book sales. Now if they took this blood money, and did something positive with it, might that be a way to justify publishing this trash and irritating the world’s population? Trashy minds feed on trashy things and people who pollute their minds with garbage will find the trash they crave one way or another. With this in mind, might it be considered genius to tap into this taboo source of revenue using it to help other victims of violence? It might be the only way for the Goldman’s to prove they’re not as immoral as the killer.

  3. To publish this book for just the financial gain is wrong but if this book was to shed light on what possesses a person to commit these heinous acts then it could become a manual on how not to commit murder…. If this book defines better the psychological dynamics and impulses then it may help others better understand their own underlying motives and it might prevent them from acting on these impulses.

  4. Jan said,

    Denise, I couldn’t agree with you more. This book should not be published. I think Goldman is only in it for the money. I don’t trust him anymore. I just don’t get someone wanting to profit from the death of a loved one. I also think that OJ will find a way to profit in appearances or interviews if it’s released, which is also wrong.

    I think the way the Brown family has handled the death of Nicole is wonderful, by starting the foundation and helping to bring to light abuse and help the abused families. That is the proper way to channel your grief and honor your sister.

    I hope you are successful in stopping the book.

  5. Sue Michalski said,

    Hi Denise, I’m so sorry this has happened. Makes me sick to think the Goldman’s will sell out to OJ-who I’m sure is feeling it’s all about him in his narcisstic twisted way. Keep the message loud and clear. We are getting it out here for you. Take care of you and yours, sue

  6. There are a lot of people who not only made money money from this tragedy but also built careers from it. But my stance remains: If Mr. Simpson were to write the book I proposed a while back it could be a positive: Here is my proposal:

    O.J. Simpson, I’ve a great proposition for you – a guaranteed win-win situation in which you will benefit greatly, not only financially but also personally. The proposition I am going to make you will revitalize your career and put you back in the spotlight – this time a more favorable one. And, most importantly, if you accept my proposition it will launch you into a new career – a very rewarding career, a career that will help you regain respect, something that’s been eluding you since killing your ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

    Again, O.J. let me stress to you that you have nothing to lose but so much to gain if you accept my offer. It’s a bona-fide guarantee. I know very well that you are missing the limelight, the money, the fans, the praise. In the past you were driven by the attention fostered upon you and let’s be real here – it’s been pretty much absent since you had killed Nicole – who, you had recently stated, “she was the love of my life.” I don’t doubt this; never did I doubt the fact that she was the love of your life. Another reason why you really should consider my proposition.

    O.J., I have an idea for a book coupled with a 4-hour television interview. Following these you will have hundreds of speaking engagements, town meetings and go on tour visiting all types of institutions and treatment centers. You’ll be quite busy O.J. but I assure you that you’ll still have time for golf.

    O.J., if you accept my offer, your face will be on the cover of many magazines including “Psychology Today,” “Time,” “Woman Magazine” and ‘O – Oprah’s Magazine. Think of the possibilities. You will be the talk-of-the-town. You’ll be asked to appear on many talk shows, not just the local ones but also the big national talk shows including Oprah, Montel Williams and Dr. Phil. It’ll be just like old times, O.J. and I know you really miss all that attention. For the last ten years your ego has taken a pretty big hit, hasn’t it?

    O.J., my proposition holds so much promise and again, let me stress emphatically that it is a win-win situation with a guarantee that you have nothing to lose. All the money that will be earned through this deal will settle your debts, this time though, all your debts including the 33.5 million dollar judgment against you for your responsibility concerning the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

    O.J., I thought hard about this and my proposition has nothing but positive implications. Any negatives that may come from the accepting of my offer will be offset by the positives, which will be many. I assure you that the good coming from the fulfillment of my offer will be cause for much celebration…

    O.J., now this book I want you to write is this: “If Only I Didn’t Kill The Love of My Life.” Unlike the other book, which was really an ill-conceived proposition, this book is going to not only set the record straight once and for all but also offer hope and healing for tens of thousands of others… I didn’t see this happening with the previous book idea, not at all.

    The basic premise for “If Only I Didn’t Kill The Love of My Life” is relatively simple: How your life would’ve turned out if on the night of June 12, 1994 you would’ve sought the alternatives before going into that rage resulting in the death of Nicole (the love of your life) and her friend, Ronald Goldman. The possibilities are endless. I am going to present here a few scenarios, one being possibly the best of them all.

    Scenario One: Firstly, let me relate to you that one of my former co-workers, who by the way, I had over at my house to play Scrabble for god’s sake, ended up killing his ex-wife. And why? Because she was the love of his life. Wayne Chaney’s wife had to separate from him because he became abusive, controlling, jealous, paranoid, arrogant, had self-esteem problems, drank too much, did drugs, was irresponsible. Because of these pathologies he, in many ways, was childish and immature in his thinking. After his wife left, Wayne became even more irrational. Oh, how he missed his wife though. Because of his pathologies she was at times, like a mother to him- nurturing him, trying to take care of him. But now, she was gone and possibly seeing other men. The thought of this enraged Wayne. He could not let go. In his mind, it became: “If I can’t have you, nobody can.” Because Wayne didn’t seek help for his conditions and obtain reinforcement he did the unthinkable. One day he entered the office building where his wife worked. He was determined, no turning back now. He shot his wife point blank, killing her. A few days later, vowing not to be taken alive, he was killed in a shootout with police. How sad, so very sad. Two lives gone – and all this could’ve been prevented. If only Wayne had a better understanding as to why he was the way he was and sought help. His wife would still be alive and in time, there existed the possibility that he and his wife would reconcile and together, live out a happy life. The possibilities would’ve been endless.

    O.J., I want you to think hard now. Close your eyes. Imagine you and the “love of your life” Nicole walking hand-in hand on a beautiful stretch of beach in Hawaii, the waves gently caressing the shore. After extensive soul searching, coming to terms with your shortcomings and sociopathic behaviors you had finally sought counseling. You had to be knocked down, brought back to reality. You had to take an honest look at your life – your childhood, your overbearing mother, your homosexual father, even your stealing of beer from beer trucks. Do you remember those days when you and your buddies would do that kind of stuff? Hey, my buddies and I did the same thing – an easy few cases of beer. Sure, it was a crime- one I am not too proud of now but that has really been the extent of my criminality.

    O.J., picture your life now. You and Nicole enjoying your middle ages together, while both Justin and Sydney are both in post-graduate school – Sydney studying medicine and Justin sociology, psychology and philosophy. He may even follow your footsteps and do some broadcasting of football games on a part time basis. So much promise, the possibilities are endless.

    Everybody was so happy when you and Nicole had remarried. You both had regained the trust in each other and for once and for all, have learned to be honest with each other, communicate to each other, be faithful to each other –all those wonderful elements that’ll guarantee a happy and healthy marriage. See, all that counseling had paid off. Getting to know yourself and all your shortcomings, what freedom. To really have a conscience, see O.J – look at all that could’ve been. But there’s more, so much more.

    Back in Hawaii, you and Nicole visit your friend’s restaurant. Ronny had done a wonderful job and “Goldman’s on the Beach” has become a phenomenal success story. Isn’t it wonderful that you and Nicole could have such great friends, who are not only successful but who would do anything to help others. Just like Ronald, when he took time to return Juditha’s glasses that she had left at Messaluna’s on the night of June 12, 1994 – the night you had flown to Chicago for that Hertz Engagement. The night before, I too, had returned to Chicago after spending time in both Las Vegas and San Diego. Oh, and guess what- the hotel you stayed in was right down the street from where I lived- right off River Road in River Grove. Anyway, O.J., after returning to Brentwood after your business trip in Chicago you had stopped by Messaluna’s to personally thank Ronald Goldman for being such a wonderful friend to Nicole and for bringing Juditha’s glasses to her.

    Just think of the possibilities, O.J. I want you to think hard: “If Only I Didn’t Kill the Love of my Life.” – a guaranteed best seller. There’s more, so much more. Now it gets real, so real that you will undoubtedly feel some discomfort. This is the next part of the book. This is the part where you are going to face the demons and recount for us – the world – all the events leading up to July 12, 1994. Included in this part of the book you are going to honestly reveal to the world all your thoughts, feelings, hopes, disappointments, everything O.J. No bars held. It’s time to take off the mask, undo the cape. It’s time O.J. No more running, no more running from the truth. You had run all your life, now you must stop!

    O.J., you are going to recount for us the rage boiling inside you on the day of June 12, 1994. You are going to tell us how you couldn’t let go, how you couldn’t just go to Chicago that night after you were rebuked, shunned. You are going to tell us why you had to have the final word. You are going to tell us how the thought of Nicole with another man was eating you up inside. You are going to bare it all, O.J. No bars held. You are going to tell us all what was going on inside your mind when you drove over to Nicole’s before killing her. You are going to tell us everything, O.J. To fulfill this proposition you must not hold anything back. You must relive July 12, 1994 in its entirety and bring to the forefront the reality of your sociopathic behavior and since being left unchecked, culminated with the death of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

    O.J., this book is going to be open many doors. Something I wrote recently: “The door between us is more valuable than any wall.” Yes, O.J., it’s time to bring down the wall. Needed is a better understanding on “domestic violence, sociopathic tendencies and behaviors, egotism – the list is rather long. This book is going to be cause for much dialogue and a reunification of factions. You see O.J., your pathology and ensuing behaviors knows no difference in socio-economic status, race, color or creed.

    O.J., think hard. What you had done cannot be undone. After you had over-stepped that final boundary it was too late. It is my hope that this book will help stop others from crossing that boundary – the boundary separating life and death. Your story, the real story, the true story is going to open many eyes and has the potential to help tens of thousands of people in all races, colors and creeds. O.J., it’s time to take responsibility, provide some closure while helping to open many doors. My proposition is a win-win situation; I truly don’t have any doubts.

    See also: Murder In Brentwood

  7. Carmel said,

    Yes it is wrong to take the money and also to allow the publishing of this book. It certainly is blood money. Why would anyone want to hear anything OJ has to say now, he lied about the murders, now he comes up with another way of hurting the families. The lives of the 2 murdered victims are worth much more than money. By accepting the money from this book, the family is only cheapening the memory of Ron. How can the family say that this is finally getting back at OJ, if they are helping fulfill his wishes?
    If Rons family want this to be published, then get anything to do with Nicoles name out of it. Keep her out of it completely. Don’t let him get away with evil again.
    Denise, I am so sorry that OJ is allowed once again to hurt you and your family. It is not right. What can we do??

  8. gallagk said,

    Sorry for this comment but heare me out…If you are odds with the Goldmans, OJ wins..he will be laughing to see you disagree.

    Let the book be released..I for one will buy it and NOT read it but the best way to impact OJ is for the book to become a best seller and have him earn nothing except further hostility and scorn wherever he goes. I hope the book results in his life becoming a living hell.

    The only way to hurt OJ is to let the book be published.

  9. Stacey Simonson Rogers said,

    Denise, and the Brown family

    I have to say, I immediately thought of the children and you guys when I heard this horrible news. First, about the book itself, then about it being published AT ALL.

    I praise all your efforts, and I will pray this gets squashed. I am sure you feel no amount of money will take away the pain and suffering you’ve experienced–the only true restitution would be to see OJ put away for life or put to death for these crimes EVERYONE KNOWS HE DID. And by the way, we don’t need to read his confession to determine for ourselves that he did!

    The publisher, the Goldman’s and any interested party is just supporting our sensationalist society, and would definitely prove this country has completely lost ALL morals. It doesn’t matter what race, what religion, or what political party you belong to–this book should not be published what-so-ever!!

  10. When I was younger my own stepfather tried to slit my Mother’s throat with a butcher knife but, thankfully he missed her throat, cutting her face instead. Thank God I was awakened in time to intercede and I was able to get the knife away from him….

    I know too well the specter of domestic violence, and I will continue to do whatever it takes to further awareness. As a writer and advocate I had made steps but it requires participation from all quarters to make strides….

  11. Ida Hutton said,

    Maybe it is time that O J kids find out what kind of father they have, instead of making them think O J is a great Dad. These kids need to separate themselves now that they are adults from this killer and see him for what he is. It is time they open their eyes for what he did!!! They need to face reality and stand behind their mother instead of their father. I wouldn’t be in the same house or town if my father murder my mother. So it is time they face the facts, and O J needs to go through life alone. These kids are adults and they need to tell him what they really think of him and what he did. They need to stand behind the memory of their mother, and help other children that are going through what they went through. The hell with O J.
    Let them see the MURDER he is. He has been shelther to long.

  12. If you would like to put the petition on Our Website to help..I would be pleased to do it for you and Nicole and your family…..

    Just send me a Link or Banner Denise!


  13. melodye tiffany said,

    Dear Denise,

    You are so right in saying that money can’t bring back the ones we love. I know that the Goldmans must suffer from their tragedy but your family was greatly affected by this horrible affair also. I feel for you and your family especially your niece and nephew.
    I can’t tell you how much I respect you for the way you are handling this situation and what good works you do on domestic violence. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family. I do not want to see that book in my favorite bookstore and if it appears I’m willing to boycott!
    Wishing you every success,
    Mel Tiffany

  14. Michael said,

    What are the Goldman’s thinking?!! I am disgusted with them. How dare they use this book to earn blood money. It has nothing to do with closure, and it should have nothing to do with the money they can earn publishing it. It doesn’t matter that they won a civil suit and didn’t get paid on it. This book is not the way to do it. I truly can’t believe parents would do such a thing….earn money from the detailed discription of the murder of their son written by the killer. It is unthinkable!!!

  15. Michael said,

    What are the Goldman’s thinking?!! I am disgusted with them. How dare they use this book to earn blood money. It has nothing to do with closure, and it should have nothing to do with the money they can earn publishing it. It doesn’t matter that they won a civil suit and didn’t get paid on it. This book is not the way to do it. I truly can’t believe parents would do such a thing….earn money from the detailed description of the murder of their son written by the killer. It is unthinkable!!!

  16. Deb in Colorado said,

    Also boycott the video game by those wonderful folks who gave us “Grand Theft Auto.” OJ is a player in this game whose team has a knife-wielding mascot in a dark hood. Here’s a link:

  17. godsguy91 said,

    Unfortunately, in this sick and perveted world, people will buy the book and read it.

    The book should not be published! Would an innocent man and good father be associated with this book? OJ is pathetic! How can he subject his children to this?

    And Fred Goldman; This is not the way! Didn’t you say it was blood money?
    You have maintained dignity for a long time while enduring indescribable pain. Don’t blow it now Fred! Don’t taint Ron’s legacy and don’t do this to Nicole’s children?

  18. Patti said,

    Well Denise I think that this is a way to prove that OJ did do it and it gives us all insight to his deranged mind. It is his confession of guilt whether he admits it or not. You should be proud that although justice may never be served you will know without a doubt who did this to your sister. I think it is a tragedy, but the children will never have to read the book if they dont want to. Also when they are old enough they will eventually want to know the truth or at least decide for themselves. Why aren’t you mad that OJ has full custody of the children, but you are mad that there may be a chance that the public will learn the truth about that horrible night? I myself would like to purchase the book. Also OJ is so stupid he cannot keep his story straight! So why now let the chance for people to see OJ for who he really is slip away? He is no great football star anymore nor is he anyone we want to see in the spotlight. He will not profit from this book like he originally thought so that too is a plus! I say that you hold your sister’s memory close and be prepared for the time when her children are ready to ask questions. OJ will never gain from this situation so be positive and look at the positive! Remember and honor your sister. Continue to support her children and Ron’s family because you all are hurting the same way. It is sad to have to drudge those feelings back up again, I understand, but this is a way for those who did support OJ to see his true colors.

  19. Diane said,

    Oj Simpson can write as many books as he wants, everyday he looks at the murderer in the mirrior. God will punish him!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s lucky that wasn’t my sister, he would of never made it to the trial!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lisa Daily said,

    I’m so sorry for your family, Denise. You have my thoughts and prayers.

  21. KevBrock said,

    “Let the book be released..I for one will buy it and NOT read it but the best way to impact OJ is for the book to become a best seller and have him earn nothing except further hostility and scorn wherever he goes. I hope the book results in his life becoming a living hell.

    The only way to hurt OJ is to let the book be published.” – quoted from gallagk

    Brock says:

    Are you out of your mind? The book SHOULD NOT BE PUBLISHED AT ALL.

    If any of you has seen OJ Simpson’s interview on, even OJ Simpson from the mouth himself even said he doesn’t want the book published and hopes no one buys it.

    After seeing OJ’s interview on, releasing this book is not gonna solve anything. OJ too made it clear that he doesn’t want the book published, plus, OJ slammed the ghostwriter Pablo Fentjves (SP?) for making up the crime scene and making him look bad on interview.

    I’m not defending OJ but you need to look at the facts and look at reality here. Whether OJ “Did it or not”, everyone saying he did it, is all speculation. Were you there at the crime scene that night to see it happened yourself? No, you all weren’t. So how do you know “he did it”? No one does.

    The Goldman family are just trying to do nothing but get money and get rich off of OJ, end of story. Money is not seeking justice and revenge off an accused murderer. If you really want to seek justice and true revenge on OJ Simpson, either kill the man yourself or find enough evidence to prove him guilty enough to give him a 2nd criminal trial.

    The truth is, OJ Simpson is “innocent” now until proven guilty whether anyone thinks he did it or not.


  22. Darlene said,

    The sense I get is it’s all about the money for the Goldmans. It’s not about doing what’s right. You keep up the fight and don’t give up. It’s wrong for that book to be published. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. God Bless!

  23. Jane Woltman said,

    The Goldman’s are unbelievable. First they try to stop the publishing of it and now they are willing to sell themselves down the river for what…money! Fred Goldman is money hungry and that is his first and foremost concern. Not the two innocent children who will be tormeneted from this book or his son. For Fred and Kim Goldman justice has become how much money they can get into their hands and not about what is right or wrong! The Brown family should be commended for their class and ability to know right from wrong unlike OJ and the Goldman family!

  24. Denise,

    Now that you have raised so much hell over the book you have sparked more interest in the book. OJ loves this war between your families. Your publicizing yourself hurts the children. I had forgotten their names until your BROADCAST. You are your own worst enemy. Fred Goldman lost his son and you lost your sister. Drop it and stop publicizing yourself. You make us sick!

  25. willy ross said,

    if he did do it let him get away like mary winkler. o.j. was cleared by the same justice system white ppl sing praises to when they lock up a black man forever. white ppl never worry about the black mans kids, or his wife, its just lock him up and throw away the key. if o.j. would have been on trail for killing black ppl i don’t think white ppl would have cared so much. o.j. was found not guilty by a system completely under the control of white ppl and i think i am the only one that recognizes that. now you can understand how black ppl feel when the system is against us. no one cares if o.j.really did it or not, it was just racial media hype that shows and proves that white america hates black america. you can put any title on it you want, o.j. walked just like mary winkler and you don’t see white ppl making a big stink over her case because white ppl rallied around her like she was the victim and the preacher deserved to die in his sleep from a shotgun blast.

  26. Diane said,

    The book should never be published. Oj deserves no fame or fortune for it. what he ought to do is write not a book but a little note saying, I DID DO IT! He should be in jail for what he did. I think both families have suffered enough it’s time he did to

  27. Denise said,

    Hi everyone,
    I have to make a statement regarding these blog entrees. I do not monitor these blogs. I appreciate everything that everyone is posting. The good much more than the not so good but different opinions is what makes the world go round. Good, Bad or Indifferent. I will be posting this on all the different conversations going on. I also want to let everyone know that I will get to each and every one of your emails. It will take time but I will respond. Thousands of emails are coming in from all over the world. Thank you all for your comments.
    Denise Brown

  28. Dan said,

    Denise: I hope you review my blog because I believe it is very revealing about our criminal justice system. Google Dan Usiskin. Research. The simpson saga is about how this country has a vague conception of reality when it comes to race, tribunals, experts, dispensing evidence and lawyers on the take. It was about romance gone nowhere, a luckless waiter, corrupt cops, deception and beauty and families torn apart all having lived the American dream only to loose it all emotionaly to murder. Sad.

  29. Brenda said,

    In addition, the Goldman’s deserve to do anything they want to do!

  30. ndpatton223 said,

    Comment on whether to buy the book.

    I am appalled that OJ would write this book and expose his children to the media attention and open all of the wounds again. I can tell you that I would never buy his book unless it was on the .99/remainder table. I would never put another $ in his pocket willingly unless I knew that it would go towards paying restitution to yours and the Goldman families. The only light at the end of the dark tunnel is that so much good has come from this tragic thing. It is just a shame that all of the proceeds from the sale of OJ’s book could not be put directly into the pockets of worthy Battered Women’s programs. If that were the case I would have been first in line to buy it.

  31. Denise said,

    I got this email and thought I would share it:

    I am furious about the way the “book” sort of just ignores you families loss and tends
    To just go on and on about how great “the killer” was/is….such a great guy…
    I was just moved to send this….
    I sure hope they snag that man for this deal he has going….
    It’s really NICE to see those cuffs on him again….

    Denise Brown

  32. denisebrown said,

    Here is another person’s comment on the book:

    I read the book and am sorry I wasted my time. I can totally understand your anger and wanting to stop it from being published. I don’t understand the thinking of the Goldman family in going ahead with the publication. If that had been their son being trashed for over 100 pages, I doubt they would have gone forward with it. Nicole deserved better.

    Thank you for all you do to stop domestic abuse.

  33. Linda said,

    I wanted to read for myself what nutty O.J. had to say for himself. I’m not convinced it is a “confession,” because this is a man who will never admit any culpability for his actions. What struck me the most is in the manner O.J. portrayed himself as the victim in an abusive and dysfunctional marriage! The more he talked about your sister, the angrier he became. He didn’t exhibit an ounce of remorse or sadness, not even for his children’s loss. He spoke of Ron as if he were a pesky insect who got in his way, and not a human being. This sad situation has been shocking from the beginning, but to read his own words in detail, was a stunningly HORRIBLE. I will never understand why a person cannot be tried more than once for the same crime, even when there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against the person.
    I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful sister. O.J. will pay one way or other. Maybe not here on earth, but elsewhere.

  34. Diane said,

    Dear Denise, I had to read the book ” If I Did it”, I would never purchase it, but i was curious to see just what the murderer had to say. He does confess to the murders and now everyone knows, it’s finally out. CHARLIE also has something to do with this, he talks about giving this guy evidence to get rid of, he should be prosecuted also. I feel for you and the Goldmans, oj will this time go to prison for his vegas episode. He’s finally getting what he deserves, “PRISON”. what goes around comes around, he’s getting it finally. God bless your family and remember your sister is with you every day , she’s proud of you for what you have done in her honor.

  35. Kyle Denman said,

    I use to live by you and your family. I remember how your sister Denise acted, like she was better than everyone. I remember OJ flipping my Dad off going thru the guard gate. I don’t think she deserved what she got but I will say if you live the life of a coke whore you get treated just like that. What I don’t understand is why your family continues to deny you knew OJ was beating her (17 years) when everyone in my crown knew. And she just kept going back for more…coke, chrystal meth, money? And where you get off being this spokesperson when you were laying down in bed with you know who. This is what happens to people who live that lifestyle. Your whole family were his personal whores, loving what his money and fame did for you. Well, Denise, look what it did for you and yours. The victims are the Goldmans and the children. Your family COULD HAVE PREVENTED all of this!!!!!!!!! Do you sleep well?

  36. Kyle Denman said,

    I meant Nicole, I am speaking straight up to you, Denise. Are you still making money off your sister’s death? Do YOU have a job? Or still hanging on to your sisters unfortunate death to make your way thru this life?

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