August 12, 2007

My Talk Show – Please lend me your thoughts

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I’m ready to start production on my talk show. Just a couple more things to do to the web site then I’m off and rolling around America talking to people with domestic violence issues and solutions. I’d like to hear from people on what you think good topics would be.  Feel free to use this designated space to help me out.



  1. Denise,
    Congratulations on the upcoming talk show – you will do a wonderful job communicating just how widespread this devastating problem is. In my work I’ve seen how the public still has a hard time making the connection that this problem affects everybody whether they are a survivor of domestic violence or not. We need to understand how it weakens our society, our families, our children. We can throw out quotes like “1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence during her lifetime” until we lose our voices but for so many, until it hits close to home, they won’t grasp how prevalent it is. We can no longer afford to look at this as “somebody elses problem” I would love to see you tackle a topic on early intervention efforts – what are we doing to change how our young boys see and treat women. Where is this message coming from? Home? Videos? Movies? And why are so many of our young girls so susceptible to this kind of treatment?
    Good luck with the show and I love the website!

  2. Dan Lau said,

    I support your efforts to keep the Goldman’s from publishing the book. What are they thinking. I have lost all respect for both of them. He is disgusting and just seems to want the media attention. What a flip flop.

  3. bec said,

    hi denise i have an idea for your show you may like it or hate it why dont you
    do like a Oparh book club for teenagers i mean choose a book maybe a book you liked as a child like ‘Little women’ or ‘Black Beauty” sit down with them and discuss it.

    in the world of TV internet Ipods etc reading is not always seen as cool unless you into ‘Harry potter’ or Goosebumps etc
    i think reading rather than watching tv is the best weapan againist violance as girlss who read are more .likely to be educated enough not to get invovled in violent relanships and boys who read tend to be more understanding and torlent
    you could have it every month and invit famous guest some people who kids look up to to say readiing is cool

    what do you think of my idea

  4. S Lee Scott said,

    Manual to a Murder. I totally agree with Denise. Given that the publication is inevitable, every dime of that book should go to institutions that assist in the prevention of domestic violence.

    I’m a 45 year old man, so you’d think I’d be disconnected from this subject. Not- I’m a victim of domestic violence.

    As a kid I was shot at; my mother had the crap beaten out of her on several occassion, not to mention stalked, and threatened to have her life taken along with my brother and I.

    The difference is we lived -but learned not to tell about it. And the difference is it doesn’t go away. Violence -or the memory of violence and the perpensity of it doesn’t go away.

    Don’t get me wrong, my brother and I are the most passive people on earth. We didn’t learn violence, we learned from it. I’m more proud of my brother because he went on to councel kids.

    But this books proceeds should be blocked by the court, and redistributed to domestic violence programs. No profits should be granted on a “How To Murder” book.

    13 years ago I fell in love with both the Brown, and Goldman families. Who couldn’t? They were so committed to bringing about justice for the loss of their loved ones.

    Mostly, America found a place in their heart for the kids. What an aweful position to be in: At the heart of the crime is two kids who love their dad -and their mom.

    Their dad just happened to murder their mom in cold blood. There’s never a harder position to be in when you tell your dad you love him too when your mother is bleeding.

  5. Larissa Miller said,

    Hi Denise,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for your suffering in the loss of your sister, and that in her death she saved so many others including mine. I was in a very violent relationship years ago which I escaped, and in reading a book (I’ve forgotten the title) which was co-authored by your father, a minister and a DV survivor, I was able to recognize myself and the role I played as victim. I now live free and have a wonderful husband, daughter and another daughter on the way. Thank you for what you do! I stand behind you!

  6. Peggy Gonzales said,

    I am very happy that you are bringing this issue to light. A talk show is a perfect venue. As a survivor of domestic violence I would like to see more discussion on how strong, independent women get into these situations. The process the abuser goes through to bring us to a point of allowing this behavior is a very complex one. This behavior does not just suddenly begin with physical abuse. It begins subtly with discreet acts of dominance and alienation and before the woman is aware of these changes the behavior becomes a risk to her survival. The term “red flags” is used to describe these steps that abusers take. People that have not experienced this type of mind control will quickly place blame on the woman for tolerating the behavior. Another effect of this violence is the Post-Traumatic-Stress Syndrome that women might go through. Mine was very intense and overwhelming and I thought I was loosing my mind. I was lucky that it occurred while I was in counseling and had the aid of a professional to guide me through it and help me understand the process the mind must go through to survive this life-altering ordeal. OJ Simpson is so very typical of these men and I am certain, in my opinion, that he truly does not remember the killings. These men go into a trace like state, almost blackout, while committing these horrible acts of violence. I have seen it in my own (ex) husband’s eyes as I showed him my bruises, broken glasses and damage to the house. This is why I believe his book should not be published as it is not a confession as some might believe. He still in denial of his guilt.
    My story is but one of millions, I am sad to say, and probably does not merit any additional attention, but the information and education must continue. So God Bless you Denise for all your efforts on our behalf. Please continue on your course but also make sure it does not consume you to a point that you can not live a happy a fulfilling life yourself.

  7. MARY COLLINS said,

    I have signed your petition against having the book published. I went through hell for fourteen years before being able to get out of a domestic violence situation. I would like you to touch on topics such as: Early Signs That May Signal An Abuser; and also touch on the responsibility we as neighbors and families have in these violent relationships. Could someone help possibly save someone from living this type of lifestyle or possibly even save a life. Keep up the Good Work and God Bless!

  8. Teresa Biggs said,

    Hi Denise,

    I myself was a survivor of violence and it took place took weeks after the murder of your sister. My husband at that time stabbed me 8 times and it took me everything to go on for the sake of not only my children but myself. It would be great for you to have a talk show and I’m sure you can reach out to many people with various topics. It would be a nice change of pace to include things for the whole family and not just for women and etc.

    I hope this doesn’t sound rude but each year around the time of the anniversary of your sister’s murder, I not only think of what she had endured but I sort of celebrate my own anniversary. That day turned me into a strong person that I am.

  9. Sam Burbank said,

    I watched your presentation on the Today show, and after hearing the comments signed the petition against the book. My prayers to you in your search for the goal on your signitures. I can’t say enough of how important it is that something like this be stopped. OJ has made a mockery of the justice system, the public, and the memories of your sister and Ron Goldman. His pennance is necessary, but as you said, find another way.

    Good luck in all your projects.

  10. Jeffrey A. Nix said,

    I grew up in a dysfunctional family rife with domestic violence. Without going into too much detail, alcohol played a large role and was perhaps the added fuel needed to ignite said violence. (There were many, many nights neighbors in our section of town would simply close their doors and window blinds to shut out the goings-on at our home.)

    One thing people need to get through their heads is–domestic violence hurts the family members involved, and can have devastating lasting effects on survivor’s friendships, relationships…thus following them throughout their lives.

    Domestic Violence victims don’t need your pity; they need you to care enough to pick up a phone to notify the police if you witness that violence. Don’t be afraid…the life you save may be your own…who knows? Your phone call may put the perpetrator in jail, preventing him or her from picking up a gun to shoot at a spouse or family member, missing, and he bullet travels through to YOUR house and hits one of YOUR family members instead.

    Domestic Violence hurts ALL of us.

  11. elaine potter said,

    Denise, I applaud you for all your work. I’m sorry for the experiences and losses in your family.

    This is none of my business, however, I want to kindly suggest that if you are planning to be on TV please consider not having any more plastic surg. I did not recognize you on TV today. You were a beautiful girl. There was no need for improvement. The work you’ve had done looks odd on TV. If you can get it un-done it might be a good idea. Thanks.

    From a regular TV viewer who supports you 100%.

  12. Jerry Robinson said,

    Hi Denise. It is a blessing that you are speaking out against violence, domestic or otherwise. Because of the fact that this happened to a family member of celebrity statue, this will give you a greater voice in the community of media. This opportunity through tragedy has been given to you and I pray that you will be able to make a difference in the lives of people. This is truly a ministry and you are the right one for the job. May God Bless: Pastor Jerry

  13. Kenneth Menard said,

    Dear Denise,
    When Mr. Simpson was aquitted I wasnt too surprised. I lived in San Diego when the aquittal came for the two cops on trial for beating Rodney King. The blatant evidence showing that Mr. Simpson murdered Nicole and Ron was withheld in fear of another and possibly worse riot. Now with the impending publication of that book it is to rip Nicole and Ron from their graves and violently murder them over and over again and I am thoroughly sickened and incensed. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I will boycott any book store that sells that book.

  14. Iris Loewen said,

    Hello Denise: One idea I had for your radio talk show is to talk about the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence lethality. If an abuser is cruel to animals in the home and abuses or kills them the chances of them killing their victim, and perhaps their children, go up by a lot. The other lethality indicator that is valuable to know is if the abuser talks about or threatens suicide. We use these two things when working with a survivor to help her assess how much danger she is in. I believe that these connections are valuable for everyone to know so that they can respond more appropriately to any situations they may find themselves in. It helps to know how dangerous a situation may be. There is a fair amount of research and evidence of these causal relationships and it might be worth discussion on your new show. Good idea by the way! Thanks! Iris Loewen, Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance, Cave Junction, OR.

  15. Dear Denise,
    I posted a story about you, your radio show and blog with a direct link to both on my blog “Barbara’s Journey Toward Justice”. Also, a direct link to the Nicole Brown Foundation. I live on Long Island, NY. Please let me know if you roll out this way. I will help you in any way that I can. My contact information is on my blog , bottom right -Contact Information. Hope to hear from you. God Bless you on your Journey Toward Justice and Always. Barbara

  16. Darlene said,

    I wish you the best on your talk show. You’re doing great work. I’m sure Nicole is well pleased that you are keeping up the fight to prevent domestic violence. I fully support you. Keep the faith and God Bless you.

  17. Carol K said,

    Hello, Dense – I saw your story posted on “Barbara’s Journey Toward Justice” blog. I think you both are doing an excellent job.
    I wish you the best on your journey and hope to see and hear more about your progress.
    Both you and Barbara are bringing much needed awareness to the public about issues that need attention.
    Thank you both – Carol

  18. Jim Mancuso said,

    I never told you this before, Denise, but I, too grew up in a dysfunctional family in which the atmosphere was conducive to domestic violence or something close to it. Another concern I have pertains to the troops returning from Iraq, especially after 1,2,3 or more tours of duty over in that hellhole. There is no telling how screwed up a lot of these men and women are going to be,when they hit their homes and I am afraid for their families. If you have not done so already, Denise, I would consider addressing members of our armed services who have been over to Iraq and Afghanistan. Good time to do that would be as units return from deployment as that is the time they are going to need the help the most.

  19. elaine said,

    Hello. My daughter was a victim of a vicious attack by her boyfriend. He was charged with domestic violence, received a $400. fine, and did not spend one minute in jail. Where is the line drawn on the charges? If it were another man that had been beaten up so badly, I believe the charge would have been attempted murder or at least assault. My daughter was hit with a closed fist around 40 times, was strangled, and had numerous hematomas in her head from him, and this was the charge. What is wrong here?

  20. sweetey said,

    You are a total hypocrite. That book was written by OJ himself and please don’t pretend that his kids haven’t seen it. Their father murdered their mother and that’s the way it is. That worthless piece of crap got away with murder and YOU KNOW IT ! The Goldman’s deserve to have this book published and to receive all of the proceeds.

    You are disgusting !!

  21. Jeff Phillips said,

    A word to the wise…………….don’t date, screw, or marry a milk dud, moon cricket, shine, boot lip etc….

  22. Kiwi S. said,

    This comment is directed to S. Lee Scott.

    I’m so sorry at your loss of innocence as a child. You are absolutely right, those scars are life long. Kudos to you tho for taking away the postive from the experience!!! Most don’t unfortunately

    I’m particularly concerned about Sydney. I really fear for her when her mind meets her heart.

  23. David Huntley said,

    I think it’s admirable that you would want to protect the children. I’m not sure that publishing this book will really harm them any more than what they have. Lets face it, the live with murderer, and not just any murderer, a murderer that killed there very parents with his bare hands. Will the telling of a story, really have any more of an affect at the end of the day? Shouldn’t we be driving this INTO the kids to say hey, look what you father did. Watch your back. I plan to buy the book and read it. Because in this messed up world, this may be the only way that justice is served in this terrible story. And that justice is that money will be generated and given to some real needy people, and OJ won’t see a dime. The children I imagine don’t even care. Or probably wouldn’t even know about it, other than the publicity that you are bringing to this whole thing.

    I don’t care if you respond or even post this. Your only posting one sided threads anyhow which I think is hypocritical, I just hope it makes it to the right person to make you think.

  24. leah holmes said,

    Dear Denise, i just wanted to tell you i support you all the way with
    keeping that Book “IF I DID IT ” off the market
    i know this must be painful for you . Just know that GOD is the Final Judge
    and some day He will stand and his sins will be accounted for .

    The world today is filled with violence , its like people feed on the gore
    blood and guts as a daily diet . Yet they allow SICK people like OJ on the TV
    you are always in my thoughts and prayers.


    ps if you could send me a link i will be happy to place it in my myspace
    for others to sign the petition

  25. Mary Haggard said,

    Dear Denise,
    I hope your show is a sucess and many topics about domestic violence that most hide will be brought out. Such as police neglect or negligence in the legal system that allows the abuse to continue. Also the fact that when many women leave the medical insurance is taken away. My insurance was taken away by our own Federal Government when I left. Not to mention the fact if I remarry before the age of fifty five I lose all rights to my ex’s retirement. So in my opinion my own government punished me by taking my insurance and still hold me in bondage and control by not allowing me to remarry or I lose again. Where is the support from our own government that spends billions to fight domestic violence? This is a topic I hope you address in your show.
    God Bless You

  26. Denise said,

    Hello Denise,
    First I want to tell you you are a wonderful person to keep up with reminding that Killer OJ SIMPSON on what he did day after day !!!
    Knowing he has to wake up every morning seeing or hearing you in the news is wonderful as he has to fight a strong willed women and will know longer win his battles as long as you are in his face.
    I am a victim of Domestic Violence and it is sad to know my husband was only order to serve 6 months in Jail and got out in only one month….
    How can that be allowed you do the crime you serve the time.
    I am sorry but I feel the Court System does not protect the victim!!!!
    I will never forget the day I got that call from the Jail letting me know that my ex- Husband to be was going to be a free man in just hours wow did I start shaking and the panic I had as I new he was coming write for me when he did . It all started all over again the beating on me and name calling I was so low and weak that I did not have the power to stead up to him so for years I allowed him to beat on me as I said no one was going to be able to help me I would have to just live like this until he just kills me. But one day when he was at work I put the tv on as I was not allowed to watch it but that day I did put it on as I kept looking out the window making sure he did not come home from work early . Well I came a cross a movie called the Burning Bed!!
    with Farrah Fawcett in it and From that moment on I realized that I need to find a way to get out !!! before I kill him and go to jail. Now the movie was newly released in 1984 but I had seen it years later that day when I first turned the tv on so I just want you to know that you may be helping people like me and I thank you for all you are doing to show victims that there is a way out. Now I would love for you to work on
    helping make the Court System Follow threw with putting
    Abusive people in Jail and know that it is a crime and they will have punishment waiting for them!!!
    I know how scared I was to even call the Police on this man knowing what he would do to me after he was here released so I did not ever call and then when he did go to jail well I thought I was safe for at leased 6 months and that would be plenty of time for him to see what he did WRONG he only served a month not even and came out even angry. So they need not to have any rights to good behavior and you a get out of Jail Pass WHAT IS THAT!!!
    So please talk more about that court system and also making them have MANDATORY Angry management AS WELL !!!
    I thank you for being so involved you are truly a Hero in my eyes
    God Bless

  27. Jim Mancuso said,

    One good thing that came out of my stormy childhood was my sense of humor, Denise, or I would not be the wise cracking jokester that I am today. I have served up some dillies from time to time and would do just about anything for a laugh. On some days, you ought to see me at the bowling alley. Who says bowling is not a contact sport is a PINhead,lol. Besides my ball making contact with the pins, my left knee has made contact with the approach and I have cracked,”My slip must be showing, Lol.And one said that I was PINNed down. How’s that for that BOWLed over feeling.

  28. Valerie said,

    Dear Denise,
    These abusers claim to love their victims, they do not know what love is and their victims do not either. You have a list of how to Identify abuse, how do we Identify love?

  29. Carina Lamendola said,

    Do a show that discusses bullying in the classroom…chances are these batterers were doing this vile garbage when they were kids as well. Or better yet do shows about overcoming abuse! Shows about victims who became victors. Perhaps shows that help preserve, create, or enhance self-esteem in individuals so they will not CARE what abusive slime-bags think about them. If they don’t care, then the abuser loses his (or her) power over them… or better yet never has it in the first place! You are a very brave woman, Ms. Brown. God bless you!

  30. Julie Donahue said,

    I can’t even imagine the pain you felt losing your sister in such a horrible way, to honour her memory by saving others from domestic violence is to be commended. I’m so saddened and disgusted by the Goldman family’s decision to publish this revolting book. I have to wonder how many people would buy it had they lost a family member to domestic violence? Would they want the killers words on how he did it out there for all to read? I didn’t know either Nicole or Ron and I am so angry thier killer not only got away with it, but then proceeded to write about it. I hope your show really wakes people up to the facts on domestic violence, the pain it causes and that it’s time to put a stop to it! I pray there is enough decent people out there who will NOT purchase or read this book, it will fail miserabley and be tossed in the garbage where it belongs. And shame on the Goldman’s for publishing it! I’m glad your making something positive come out of all this by educating people on domestic violence and waking society up to the fact it needs to stop. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your sister and Ron, take care and much luck with your new show.

  31. Karen McDermott said,

    Dear Denise,

    Your talk show will be brillant. You are so articulate and speak so compassionately from the heart. Please continue this mission on domestic violence, abusers not only hurt and kill their victims, the family pets suffer at the hands of the abuser as well. Vilolence sickens me.

    Your sister Nicole must be so proud of you. God Bless you and stay strong!

  32. confused said,

    O.J didn’t kill your sister. Where were u all when he supposedly was abusing her before this incident. And you all were spending his money? Give me a break. He knows who killed her I believe. To massacre 2 people and only have specs of blood on your body is ludicrous.

  33. Alan said,

    Hi Miss Brown

    Sorry for your sister and the grief

    I myself have been a volunteer for childrens abuse and neglect as well as domestic abuse 5 years now

    I would like to set up some interviews with you and these founders and see if you guys can create a partnership as theyve been involved for 10-20 years and have a lot of valuable information and resources

    I also feel that gov’t needs to increase the punishments and we need more neighborhood watchers, etc
    Patrol substations on major streets

    we have the funding and the manpower
    Its just a matter of giving them the incentives to get out and help

    I also represent Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc

    Basically what we provide is a service that bypasses members having to pay traditional lawyer fees for consultation and retainer

    In brief I am offering the protection and would like for you to check us out for a few minutes

    No cost to anyone to check out

    Thanks for your time

    Pre-Paid Media Spotlight Event
    We are very excited to announce that on September 29, Pre Paid Legal will be featured on Court TV.

    This documentary about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. will find an audience with those interested in a revolutionary solution to the growing problem of limited access to justice. The program will be informational and educational in nature and provide a glimpse into our unique company and the services we provide.

    Far from a typical documentary which focuses on something interesting but may have little direct impact on the individuals viewing it, this program will address needs that most people have.

    Most people who do not have access to legal counsel will simply accept their circumstances and go on. When the credit card company charges unfair fees, when your cell phone service provider is unreasonable, or when an invoice is higher than quoted, what can we do but pay and go on?

    In many cases, and for most people, it�s not about whether we will absolutely have to have an attorney. It�s more about whether having an attorney could make a difference through empowering us to make better decisions, resolve conflicts, and have peace of mind. This program will address this concept and much more.

    We hope you will tune in to Court TV on September 29th. Please check local listings for program availability in your area.

    September 29, 2007
    11:00am Pacific

    I’m with a company thats been in business 35 years
    Stock is always going up
    In 1992 started at $17 a share
    Now its over $57 a share on the New York Stock Exchange

    34 state attorney generals across the united states endorse the company and programs
    The founder is on the board of the united states chamber of commerce AND BBB with satisfactory standing
    SEC has good standing with them
    Write ups in USA Today, Barron’s, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, Newsweek, WSJ, INC, Financial World, Entrepreneur just to name a few.
    Building a $32 million corp office campus

    We need to help one another and protect each other from potential harm

    Society is too negative and violent these days

    Thanks and keep up the great work you and your family do

  34. Denise said,

    Hi everyone,
    I have to make a statement regarding these blog entrees. I do not monitor these blogs. I appreciate everything that everyone is posting. The good much more than the not so good but different opinions is what makes the world go round. Good, Bad or Indifferent. I will be posting this on all the different conversations going on. I also want to let everyone know that I will get to each and every one of your emails. It will take time but I will respond. Thousands of emails are coming in from all over the world. Thank you all for your comments.
    Denise Brown

  35. Nicki said,

    Yes, Denise, I agree with Carina Lamendola about doing a show about abuse in the classrooms. There are some children who commit suicide due to bullying, so it is a serious topic. Even when these children are done with school, the memories of being taunted still lingers. Children can be mean, but it is only to make themselves look better, but they need to know from a young age how to not only empower themselves, but empower other kids around them as well. That is the real way to make themselves look better and that will bring out the true hero status in some of these young children who think that it is so cool to make somebody else look bad and in the process make themselves look better. Of course they are highly mistaken, but that is the way that it is seen. Children are meaner when they are with a group than by themselves and it was proven in a documentary about school bullying, (which I cannot quote the exact name at this point). It has to do with self-esteem issues and also power struggles. Children can only do better when they learn better, and then they may never go astray again, because they were young when they had these positive values instilled in them and continuously instilled in them. Therefore this all would be a good topic for discussion and implementing programs that would help to further this cause.

  36. Rose Wadman said,

    I believe verbal abuse often gets placed on the back burner. Day after day and year after year of having someone tear you down, word by word, insult by insult, leaves scars beyond the surface. It breaks your heart and your spirit. With time, you are left feeling worthless, stupid, and desolate.

  37. xenbnance said,

    Denise said,
    September 17th 2007 at 12:24am

    Hi everyone,
    I have to make a statement regarding these blog entrees. I do not monitor these blogs.

    Yes, Denise Brown does monitor these blogs.

  38. Monique said,

    Your show idea is great and DV is a problem that concerns me deeply. Lately I’ve seen more and more horrible things happening to women of DV. The courts across the country don’t know what to do, maybe we need to educate our children, age appropriately of course early. This summer I took an anthropology class as I’ve recently gone back to college. I too am a survivor of DV and I know in the case with your sister, this aspect is known but minimized to the point of her not being here. The courts and police fail people in this scenario all the time. The victim has to take safety into their own hands, drastically. I did! I remember the judge looking at me crazy when I petitioned no contact with my child because he is violent. Despite all the killings across the country a female judge had to be threatened that I would be back with an attorney. She thought about it and gave me what I asked. A few months later another lady petitioned, she did not get the orders and was killed because her testimony of his character was not enough, they need some evidence first!!!! Even when they have evidence they still don’t do it right, the victim like I said has to protect themself. I did a 50 page paper on DV. It wasn’t supposed to be that long but I really got into it. In the paper there was a concensus on some issues but what distrubed me was the ease of women to blame women for this dynamic. I even interviewed one advocate who blamed the woman! It made me want to know more about the mind of the batterer not sadisticly but what is wrong?! I learned that men who do this are similar in thinking and seem to have a processing fault which could also be interpreted as mental illness in form but it is primarily studied to be a learned behavior. This means it’s possibly preventable and intervention needs to take place early in people’s lives. I recommended a life skills class be added to our school systems. In a class such as this, children could be taught how to interact equally and respectably with one another. Without infringing on privacy teaching them peaceful alternative means to communicate and negotiate with others. Ther is no class like this in school because society expects everyone to teach their children themselves but America has changed. There are many disadvantaged not necessarily bad people but people who don’t know there is a better way. The offer doesn’t guarantee but it might help, Hey I remember Ms. So and So’s class and it taught me how to deal with anger when I was 8. Depending on where and how people grow up, economics may play a factor; may not, but children are shaped. Batterers are shaped, in an unfavorable way, how can we prevent and eliminate this mindset? Maybe I’m wrong but I think we can if we teach them early. These ideas may be helpful on your show if so best wishes if not best wishes but you are right, DV is mishandled right now on many levels.

  39. Kiwi said,

    To Alan:

    I must object to your assertion with respect to Pre-paid Legal Services. I checked it out some years ago and found it unhelpful and basically a scam.

    To Denise:

    I would hope you leave your forum open on your talk show or at least have a free for all day, where its open topics b/c the world is changing so fast. JMO.

  40. ron r. said,

    people are so guided by their emotions, any decision, emotion based is usually wrong.. rational behavior is a hard thing to obtain when outside, or inside, influences are in play… it is best to ask one or two others for a concensus…to gather a basis for reason…that is what is supposed to separate humans from animals…i believe in god, jesus was a carpenter, a man, pergutory is for lost souls, the rest of us get to judge our angels when we die……..

  41. Valorie said,

    I too am a survivor of domestic violence. As an abused child of an abused woman and then grew up and into an abusive relationship myself.

    I have a few ideas for your show Denise, I believe empowering victims is the best therapy and the best hope for recovery. The cycle has to be broken.
    I am proud to say that I broke that cycle for my children. If I never accomplish anything else in this lifetime Denise, that alone was enough!

    I believe that part of your show should be devoted to a therapy approach/exercise/baby step, maybe the last 10 minutes, so thats what remains in the viewers minds when the show ends. Something for them to chew on and hopefully become empowered by.

    Dont be another show that uses domestic violence for shock effect. Steer it towards healing and helping the victim watching. Im sick of the shows just trying to get dramatic moments viewers will be shocked by. The subject is shocking enough. Lets help the Nicole out there that needs some substantial steps and instructions to follow. Victims of domestic violence are damaged people with complicated lives that most dont understand. Give them the baby steps they need to follow and the tools they need for hope.

    Establish a hotline they can call during/after the show that will have an information bank with contact numbers in the viewers area. So many have absolutely no idea where to turn when they do want to leave.

    Focus on individuals stories, saving the victories for the end of the hour so that also remains in the minds of the women needing to be empowered.

    I think of what would have helped me as an abused child…..or as a trapped adult…..what would Nicole have responded to?

    best of luck to you Denise, thank you for fighting the good fight!

  42. Denise said,

    I just got this email and thought I would share it with all of you:

    I am furious about the way the “book” sort of just ignores you families loss and tends
    To just go on and on about how great “the killer” was/is….such a great guy…
    I was just moved to send this….
    I sure hope they snag that man for this deal he has going….
    It’s really NICE to see those cuffs on him again….

    Denise Brown

  43. wfbdoglover said,

    I would like to know why women of domestic violence feel that they can not get out? My neighbor is a victim and her mom saw through him before her daughter married the guy, the dad – it took years. I met him for the first time. He peeked at the divorce papers and got her address. He knew the block, and thought my house was hers because of similar cars. Then he started asking me questions on the houses that were for sale/recently sold etc.. I saw right through him. He described his wife and kids and I lied and said I didn’t know them. Well, I told the dad and he walked away from me – probably because he didn’t want me to know their business. The husband sat and waited down a side street, then saw her and followed her home. I’ve called the police a few times when I saw him peeking in the windows. I just want to know why people just don’t stand up for these abusers more.

  44. denisebrown said,

    Here is another person’s comment on the book:

    I read the book and am sorry I wasted my time. I can totally understand your anger and wanting to stop it from being published. I don’t understand the thinking of the Goldman family in going ahead with the publication. If that had been their son being trashed for over 100 pages, I doubt they would have gone forward with it. Nicole deserved better.

    Thank you for all you do to stop domestic abuse.

  45. muffin said,

    heres a great idea talk to single mother about how to afford the enrichment after school programs that are so are not provide for in the primary grades in public schools like music dance and the arts. These like extras are said to help children prepare for college but they are so expensive on top of the other bills.Making it alot easier for those new single parents who are leaving abuse relationship care for their children . you haer so many women say that they stay for the children but if they knew how to get support in rasing them that would ease some of the worry.

  46. Teresa said,

    I am a victim of domestic violence who emailed you about three years ago about the injustice in the family court system. You were one of the very few people gracious enough to respond. It meant a great deal to me. More information about the dynamics of the batterer need to be given to the courts and the public. My ex-husband was convicted of spousal battery, but unbelieveably won physical custody of our 11 year old daughter. She is now 16 and refuses to see me or her 18 year old sister. The judge refused to enforce visitation. The ex was diagnosed as being bi-polar and his therapist stated that he was a narcisistic sociopath. He charmed the court while I sobbed while I lost custody. Him, his present wife and four children have turned my daughter against me. I heard she was taking ecstacy, but the ex won’t talk to me to let me know how she is. He has placed two restraining orders against me (signed by the same judge) which will hurt my chances of promotion. These were based on blatant lies by him. (I work in law enforcement). There is a town hall meeting in Reno, NV, 10/12/07 put on by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and surprisingly the Second Judicial District Family Court. The Committee to Aid Abused Women is also a sponsor. I have been asked to speak at this meeting by the Executive Director of the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence. It is being held at the NCJFCJ Headquarters located on the University of NV, Reno Continuing Education Bldg, 1st floor, 1041 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89503. I would like to invite you and any person who would like to listen or speak at this forum. (The public is allowed to make comments after the speakers have concluded). Even if you can not attend, I believe that this issue is vital to the safety and well being of victims of dv and their children. Thank you Denise.

  47. Teresa said,

    I’m sorry, I forgot to give the time for the meeting. It is 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  48. Cat said,

    Dear Denise,

    Allow me to offer my congratulations on your strength to turn agonizing emotional pain into something positive.

    Every few years a case comes along that hooks me to a point of discomfort. Your sister’s was one of them. It took a while to see what it was that drew a non-star-gazer in.

    The cases were Terri Schiavo, Laci Peterson and your sister’s. What do they all have in common?

    The over-indulged male child, born of the “don’t spank them and build up their confidence” crowd.

    How about covering the men that place themselves above the law and as near as I can figure, have icewater in their veins when it comes to their mates? There is a familiar air about all of these types. Can you see it?

    Are parents, in their never-ending struggle to be good parents-the spark that lights these homicidal fires?

    Is entanglement in the judicial system their first true discipline?

    Sincerely, yes, another DV survivor,


  49. Cat said,

    I almost forgot, I read the book, “If I Did It”, Sorry. I know how you feel about it. BTW, you and the Goldmans, what you have in common is much bigger than this disagreement. Don’t fight.

  50. Cat said,

    Last one, in reading the book I just mentioned, I laid out all of the other books with theories about what happened based on forensics, opened to that same area. Then I read them all and compared.

    What happened? Let’s just say that the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Every juror from that misguided bunch that aquitted O.J. should be required to do the same.

    If I had any doubts, which I didn’t, they would have evaporated as all the puzzle pieces fell into place to create an unbelievably brief, but horrific moment from hell.

    Do I think O.J. got away with murder? I think he did it. Did he or will he “get away” with it? Not by a long shot. I believe some things are so bad that little karma is worked off here. That’s not the same as getting away with it.



  51. deb said,

    Wow, this went far right?? Abusers get away with it. No one believes the victims or cares. Society is for the man. It doesn’t matter if only a few of us fall down the sewer hole or are pushed down it. It doesn’t matter.

  52. deb said,

    Ps. The judge told me it I instigated it. I put the bruises on myself. The church told me they would pray for me. And where is my mother, father, brother or sister?

  53. Hi Denise,

    You are the bright star and the hope of the world for your advocacy of anti- violence education. You are constantly astounding me as I follow your media appearances and read of your speaking engagements.

    I really look forward to your talk show and I’ll be forwarding the links to everyone I know in the world of domestic violence prevention and recovery.

    Bless you and the Nicole Brown Foundation. See you at the Memorial Season Candlelitght Vigil in June.

    Love and Peace,


  54. Patty Simpson said,

    Hi Denise,

    You are the voice of your dear sister, I Praise you for your endless effort and dedication of speaking out that violence of any sort ” IS NOT ” alright..

    BUT, I have an ongoing case against an Internal Affairs Agent that literally shoved me out of a room, causing brusing due to his force against my arm as he was shoving on me. Received the Police Report today, they concluded he was with-in his legal rights to use force instead of words, to ask me to leave the room in which they was questioning my husband whom has a deadly disease called HEP C and the meds are so mind altering, it never should have taken place, I gently opened the door to get my husband out of there and away from the situation of questioning he was being put under. why is it that Agents have this kind of ” RIGHTS ” ” VIOLENCE” and think its ok?

    For me it isn’t, I lost my dad in Jan, 07… he use to be abusive to my Mom over their 57 years of marriage, thank GOD he became a Christian for many, many years before his death. I used the word abusive at the PD in my report, they replaced it with the word ” BEAT ” my mom. Wow, when I saw how they misconscued my words, what a mess I am all over again, BUT when I saw the bruse on my arm, that Agent then took away all my wonderful, precious memories of my Father, and replaced them with the abusiveness that I use to live in as a child.

    Is there any organizations that helps to cover Attorney fees for my case against the Agent that physically abused me, as well, as caused me so much anguish in my daily life, I have never cried so much in my life as I did for weeks due to his abusiveness to me, I swore no one would ever do that to me and get away with it. Well, looks like he might if I can’t seek any help in covering Attorney fees…Thank you so much for your time, and what you have done for so many nation-wide. anyone is welcomed to use my Email if they have any answers for me….Thank you so much, Sincerely Patty

  55. Cheryl said,

    When is the talk show going to start?

  56. Denise Smith said,

    Domestic Violence is a very serious issue when i am really the victom being accuse of the abuser. I would like to discuss this issue because I am so devasted this is happening to me when out any help in another state that isnt mine

  57. Cheryl said,

    Any time frame for when the talk show will be starting?

  58. Hello Denise, Congrats on your new show,, what a great platform for you to showcase your years of Advocating for Violence Agianst Women,,I think that your show should focus on any topic that can only EMPOWER< SUPPORT< EDUCATE< TEACH and help women. Self Care would also be area to explore, be it skin care, meditations, diet and exercise,fashion,self esteem , confidence. All the factors that contribute or influence a womans bad choices
    should also be considered. Strong confident independant women usually do NOT chooses abusive men. I know I too am a surviror of very abusive relationships. My over-weight affected my self esteem thus it commanded my bad choices.. Now I’m 53 lean adn established and very happy beign single,,
    Good Luck I trust that whatever you do , you will be a success and educate alot of women,,

  59. Jim Mancuso said,

    Denise: I hope your talk show will be on a channel that I can get within the package I have, which is the basic basic. One good topic you might want to bring up is the danger to police officers that domestic violence calls present. Yesterday (Saturday April 4), Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania had three officers killed responding to such a call. The last two weeks have been brutal for police officers with a total of 7 killed in the line of duty in the space of two weeks. This has got to stop. Keep up the great work and consider me in your corner for support.

  60. Jim Mancuso said,

    Another fuel for domestic and other kinds of violence is the state of the economy with people losing their jobs right and left, thus pushing some to the breaking point. The other day, we had a bloodbath in Binghamton,NY, which is practically my own back yard with 14 dead. If the economy keeps getting worse, I very much fear more people are going to start “going postal” and domestic violence will be the least of our worries.It makes me wonder if this nation has gone mad. If only we all had sense enough to turn to God. That’s where all the right answers are to be had.

  61. denise you r my guardian angel my daughter is a 21year old college student who is a victum of domestic violence it started out as mental torcher and it ended the day that i rescued her as he was assaulting her that God for your foundation my daughter is using the funds to get orders of protection help with the law and mental health counceling so God bless you and once again thank you for your foundation

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